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Thank you for choosing Dee's Scholastic One Stop Shopping Center to meet your business needs. Your satisfation is our primary concern. We take pride in our customers. You are very important to us. We appreciate your loyalty. Thank you for your business. It is our pleasure to serve you.



The primary tender or medium for all payments or transctions is credit card. Before selecting the "payment," "pay now," "order now," or "payment" option, you want to be certain that you have selected the right item(s) to avoid processing delays. If you have any concerns before making purchases, please contact us immediately. Thank you.


To provide convenience and affordability to our prospects and customers who do not have a credit card, a limited provision can be made to accommodate your needs by considering check and money order purchases on a case by case basis. However, be aware that this option is exceptionally a longer process. We encourage credit card purchases. The money order or check option would require orders or purchases done by mail instead. Please do not click on any "payment," "pay now," or "order now" buttons if you are considering making a check or money order purchase. Just write down the name of the item, the item's order number (#), and a brief description of the item to purchase and mail your check with the description of the item to us. Money order or check must be processed first before merchandise is shipped. our mailing address is: Dee's Scholastic One Stop Shopping Center, P. O. Box 620573, Charlotte, NC 28262




In case there is a delay in processing an order, you will be notified promptly. This incovenience we do not anticipate. We endeavor to provide efficiency, integrity, and customer satisfaction to all our customers.


A $25 charge will be assessed for a check that could not get processed or cleared due to insufficient funds. The same is applicable for credit card and other transactions.


Please make sure that you provide

your complete contact information for all credit card, check, or money order transctions.  This includes your full name, mailing address, and contact number(s). Thank you.


SHIPPING AND HANDLING: It is likely that the shipping and handling cost may be included in the original price listed. However, there may some original or listed prices that may not have the shipping and handling cost included. To know whether the item you are interested in requires a shipping and handling cost or not, please do not hesitate to contact us before purchasing the item.Thank you.
For additional information, please e-mail us at
Please direct all billing or payment inquiries via e-mail at or by regular mail at P. O. Box 620573, Charlotte, NC 28262
Thank you.
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