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The United States is rated internationally to be behind other countries in Math, Science, and Reading. Today, many of the science, technology, engineering, and math related jobs are filled by foreign nationals due the shortage of competent Americans to occupy these positions. Over the past decades, its is believed that American schools have not been producing students competent enough to fill positions that are crucial to the viability and sustainability of the country economically and politically.

According to the Program for International Student Assessment (pisa), the United States stands in the middle of 65 countries in terms of performance rankings in Math, Science, and Reading. In 2012 U. S students scored 43.78 % in Math compared to Canada with 52.16%, Netherlands 53.50%, Korea 58.76%, and Shanghai – China with 69.44%

Other sources with similar results are as follows: Education Week;, and the Brookings Institute;

Due to the competency drought in America of having qualified students to fill our engineering, science, techonology, and Math jobs, Congress has decided to pass a bill into law that would increase the number of foreign nationals who can come to America to fill some of these technology jobs that the country has no qualified Americans to fill. According to the U. S. Immigration Service, every year, it gives 65,000 highly skilled foreign nationals H-1B visa to come and fill a lot of these vacant positions Congress wants that number to increase to 110,000 instead. Technology companies are backing Congress for this proposed bill because they have a huge shortage.

This seems to be a crisis in the United States, a developed nation and leader of the free world. We need to revamp our education system and do something about the crisis. It should be the responsibility of all Americans, especially educators to do their best to find some solutions to the crisis. Politicians, teachers, educators, parents, and all stakeholders, need to rise to the occasion.

Doing my part as a concerned educator, I have invented board-games and teaching strategies that can be used to enhance retention and comprehension; two critical areas of teaching and learning. I have tested and used thses games and strategies and have found them very effective. I tested them in at-risk learning environments or among low-performing students in a few high schools and got good results.

A couple of years ago I tried to manufacture some of these games to market but the manufacturing cost was too high and I also lacked the marketable expertise. I want these games to be out there so that they can help enhance the learning and teaching performances of our students and teachers. I am also willing to sell my copyright for one of my educational games; Intelexer-S which was created in 2010. It is designed to help high school students learn rigorously in a fun-oriented setting but will be able to retain and comprehend the concepts and subject studied.

With rigor, students can have fun learning Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pre-calculus and calculus, and social science subjects as well. Giving up my right is hard but I am willing to let it go for $3,000,000. This game or learning mechanism will become exclusively yours. You will become the sole owner of INTELEXER - S. This game can potentially be transformed into a software, and computerized. You have the copyright to manufacture and sell as many games as you want. To verify my copyright entitlement please visit Not only will you be making fortune from this innovative educational specimen, you will be contributing immensely to twenty-first century teaching and learning. You will have a piece of innovation that can play a key role in ameliorating the teaching and learning paradigm both nationally and globally. Retention and Comprehension are two critical and crucial elements in learning. Any teaching strategy, methodology, or mechanism that can make these two elements stick in the process of learning, then the goal for teaching has been met. The insight students will glean from learning will enable them to prudently act upon it and recreate their creativity and activity to better themselves and society, which is just what we want for our students because the future of our nation lies in their hands.


Educational Board-game (INTELEXER - S)      Young Scholars' Game         The Rule Book


Another teaching and learning enhancement tool for elementary scholars (Worldly-wise). The copyright/license/protection is for sale for $1,000,000
Worldly-wise    The Rule Book


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