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Feeding & Leading: A Practical
Handbook on Administration
in Churches and Organizations
By Dr. Kenneth O. Gangel,
Professor at Dallas Theological
The Supervision of Pastoral Care By David A. Steere, Professor at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Business Management in the Local Church By David R. Pollock forwarded by Larry Burkett, MBA and Director of Resource Ministries in California
The Message of Romans by David K. Bernard
More Textbooks
Practical Theology by Richard Robert Osmer, Practical Christian Theology by Floyd Barackman, Reaching Single Adults by Dennis Frank,
Practical Divinity by Thomas Longford, Single Parenting by Robert Jones,  Religion in Global Civil Society by Mark Juergensmeyer, Harmony of the Gospels by Ralph Hein,
The Bible, Natural Science, and Evolution by Russell Maatman, Systematic theology by Charles Hodge, True Evangelism by Lewis Sperry Chafer, etc
To inquire or order any of the non-priced textbooks, please click on the "contact us" link and send us a description of the textbook you are interested in. Also, we can help you get any book we do not have listed on our site. Thank you.
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