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                                              INNOVATIVE LEARNING; A 21st CENTURY PEDAGOGY


     By and large it is apparent that traditional methodological approach to teaching and learning is not getting the job done as educators, policy makers, and education stakeholders expected. Not to nullify the fact that direct teaching does produce some positive results. However, more needs to be done by finding alternative means by which teaching and learning can become effective and produce good results. I believe the current era has a lot to do with what we do and how we live. The era certainly impacts our social, cultural, economic, and political environment. . Therefore, it is incumbent on us to fashion our education system with elements that are representative of the era.

     Due to the fact that we live in an advanced age, it is expedient that we incorporate strategies and techniques in the teaching and learning process that are advanced as well. Twenty-first Century strategies or approaches are some of the innovative ways in which teaching and learning can meet the challenges of the century. Technology plays a critical role in our education design for the century. Smart board is a typical example of how teachers and students can have access to a wealth of information locally, nationally, and internationally in the classroom.

     Another example, Reviews in History is an informative site for teachers and students that provides e-journals in a wide range of subjects. Teachers can take advantage of being able to obtain some refreshing lessons from experts in any discipline. This site also has other digital resources that teachers and students can explore. The Library of Congress is another site that has an array of resources both primary and secondary that can be useful to teachers and students. This site has a lot of innovative tools teachers could use to make their teaching different and impacting. This site provides teaching materials that match the standards requirements of each state. That is to show that technology is one of the main tools that make teaching and learning convenient, accessible, and efficient. Fodey is another educational tool teachers and students can use in collaborative learning. provides both primary and secondary sources to support historical thinking and inquiry-based leaning. Linoit is an innovative tool teachers can use for teaching English Language Learners. also is a good English Language Learners’ tool.

     I do not believe direct or traditional teaching should be completely eliminated or be labeled as being useless or ineffective. In some settings, direct teaching does impact the learning process. In fact, there are situations where traditional teaching serves as the only effective strategy to get the job done. That is why teachers have to master both traditional and non-traditional methods because we must use our discretion when it comes to selecting the right teaching method that will impact certain students and certain environment. However, some studies have shown that innovative teaching is effective. Traditional must be mixed with contemporary strategies.

     I believe the mixing of traditional and contemporary strategies is the key to diverse learning. From the various literatures I researched, there were findings and data to show that innovation is warranted in our school system. Innovative scales must be a part of our curriculum. By infusing innovation or new ways in the teaching and learning process, teachers will be able to make their students competitive and prepared for the future. Innovation will enable our students to be able to compete globally. I believe Innovation or technology also is a robust way our education system and schools can be at par with the education systems and schools of other industrialized nations. As it is reported, students in the United States continue to do poorly in Mathematics and Science than their counterparts in some Asian and European countries. Therefore, it is of necessity as warranted by the studies reviewed that we have to revamp the way we teach.  



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